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At Carlton Dental, we not only want to make your visit comfortable and productive, we want it to be convenient and affordable. We are proud of our reputation for providing excellent service before, during and after treatment. The team at Carlton Dental loves children, teens, adults and seniors. We are wheelchair accessible and accept direct payment from most insurance companies.

Whether you need a simple cleaning, extraction, tooth repair or cosmetic dentistry, Carlton Dental should be your first choice for professional, gentle and affordable dental services.

We do not want you to "tolerate" your dental visit. We want you to ENJOY it.

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Archive for November 2015

As we approach the end of the year, we would like to share a tip that can help you take full advantage of any dental insurance benefits you may have.

The way your dental insurance benefits work is that you are provided a certain dollar amount per calender year. If you do not use those benefits, you lose them! Many people do not realize this and let hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars go back into their insurance companies bank accounts! While treatment is never dictated by insurance, if you have any treatment that remains to be completed or have any dental concerns at all, it would be very useful for you to come in before year end.

Our goal with every one of our patients is to help you achieve optimal oral health. Please give us a call or email us to schedule your appointment. Just remember, when the clock strike midnight on December 31st, you will lose any unused benefits.

Here’s to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile!