Dental Implant Restoration in St. Catharines Ontario

Dental implant restorations are treatments to restore decayed or damaged teeth or replace missing teeth. Teeth can be damaged due to decay, trauma, injury, or gum disease. Teeth can also fall out or have to be extracted and replaced. Carlton Dental, Family Dentist in St Catharines, offers a number of ways to restore and replace your teeth:
Bonded Fillings - These are the most common way to restore decayed or damaged teeth. Fillings can come in gold, amalgam, or composite-resin. 
Dental Crowns - For teeth that have sustained more damaged, crowns are an ideal restoration choice. Crowns, or caps, cover a tooth’s entire visible surface to restore its shape and appearance. Crowns can be made from metal, porcelain, ceramic, or a porcelain and metal mix. Metal crowns are stronger but porcelain and ceramic crowns look more natural. 
Dental Bridges - Bridges are comprised of one or more artificial teeth to fill gaps and stabilize your bite. The bridge is anchored in place by the remaining neighboring teeth. 
Tooth Implants - Implants are small titanium posts that are embedded into the bone socket to replace the missing tooth. Once the tissue has healed and bonded with the implant, a crown is placed on top. 
Dentures - A set of replacement teeth with an acrylic base and metal attachments that fit over your gum tissues. Complete dentures are used when the patient has no more natural teeth and partial dentures are used when they still have remaining teeth. 
The team at Carlton Dental will perform a comprehensive examination to determine the best option to restore your smile. Our practice is also child-friendly, so we can improve your children’s oral health too. 
Contact Dr. Fred Poulter, D.D.S, Children’s Dentists in St. Catharines, to set up an appointment.
Dental Implant Restoration in St. CatharinesDental Implant Restoration in St. Catharines ON
Dental Implant Restoration in St. Catharines OntarioImplant Restoration in St. Catharines
Dental Implant in St. Catharines